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Unité de régénération d'huiles usagées

    1. Unité de recyclage (Déchets d'huile moteur au diesel)For the working process of this waste oil recycling plant, firstly, the cold materials (waste motor oil) will have a heat exchange with the gas phase group in the top tower, and then enter the heater for second heating, dewatering, and deodorization under the help of duct gas.
    1. Unité de recyclage (Déchets d'huile moteur à l'huile de base)In the distillation process of turning waste motor oil to base oil, the waste oil recycling plant adopts continuous distilling technique. It heats the waste oil to 300℃ under negative pressure. Since there is a lot of water containing in waste motor oil, dewatering is a must before distillation.
    1. Unité de recyclage (Pétrole brut au diesel)The non-condensable gas produced in the distillation process will pass through the water seal device and flame arrester and finally be used as fuel in the furnace, both preventing pollution and saving the energy effectively.
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